Dear Ladies and Gentleman!


Company "KROLA" began one's activity in year 1988 as interesting company oneself servicing of designing, technical advise of machines, devices and steel structures. The trade of heat energetic as well as every fields was main field of work of company with this connected.


In result of development of company how also changes on energetic market company "KROLA" gradual started to enlarge range of testified services as well as offered devices, namely:

  • services in range of designing and executions of water and steam rooms combusted on liquid or gas fuels - also in container's construction,
  • deliveries and service of equipped devices of boiler rooms: boilers, burners, fertilising waters stations, pumps, tanks, measuring-control equipment (AKPiA), electric equipment, armature, pipelines. etc.
  • advise at initiation and modernisation of heat engineering units,
  • works connected with management, supervision and realisation of heat engineering investment "under key".


In time of development of company as well as demands of heat engineering market company "KROLA" widened and in further draught range of executed services at investing-maintenances services, namely:

    • supervision above production of bend and welded pressure-devices - production of boilers piping,
    • complex repair of boilers,
    • repairs of energetic boilers and pressure tanks,
    • every technological installations of boiler rooms,
    • heat stations,
    • heat net,
    • designing  many-departments elaborations in range of works realised by company.

In accordance with close neighbourhood of shipyard as well as demand onto similar services through shipbuilding industry company "KROLA" linked close co-operation with Gda?sk shipyards in range of connected services with energetic trade also. Onto needs of shipyards we execute:

    • maintenance of boiler installations "between harbours",
    • maintenance of electrical installations,
    • hydraulic tests of shipping boilers,
    • lixiviation of shipping boilers,
    • preparation to technical receipt of boilers' installations,
    • part in technical receipt as well as delivery ship-owner of boilers' installations,
    • part in sea tests and estimation of installations "on the sea".


Many-years experiences with energetic installations yield education of high-class of technical personnel, interesting individual trades of executed services, namely:

    • supervision over complementing and correct delivery of technical range of burner plants in Poland at receipt of delivery or directly at manufacturer -in marine and land versions,
    • supervision above mounting of burners (different constructions on world markets in peculiarity of company SAACKE GmbH & Co. KG) alongside with from them components and co-operation devices (e.g. arrangements to burning oil wastes),
    • connected works with start-up and control of burner plants (both in marine and land versions) hugging reviews of technical whole burner plants (fuel, controls, safety, etc.), regulation of burner burning process, control and safety arrangements as well as measurements of flue gases emission (microprocessor analysers of flue gases),
    • supervision above assembly of burner control boxes and burners equipments of control-measuring and automatic (AKPiA) co-operation from exist AKPiA on ships and on land,
    • executing of control wardrobes alongside with mounting (wiring) and start-up of burners-control plant,
    • mounting of control-measuring and automatic (AKPiA) equipments on boilers in marine and land versions.


We inform simultaneously, that our workers possess authorisations among others :

  • Technical Supervision Department (UDT) onto repair of steam, water boilers
    and fixed pressure tanks;
  • Technical Supervision Department (UDT) to production in range of assembly
    of steam and water boilers;
  • Technical Supervision Department (UDT) to production of bent and welded elements
    to steam and water boilers as well as fixed pressure tanks.


We have hope, that above been mentioned information will bring closer You profile of activity of our company and they will contribute to connexion of closer co-operation.

In case of any obscurities we request contact.